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As Winter Storms Slam the North East, Small Businesses Turn to CapRock Services for Aid

CapRock Services, a Dallas-based financial services company which provides working capital and business solutions to hospitality clients across the United States, is helping businesses in the North East get through the winter months with growth capital.

“We have not seen a winter this bad in about 40 years. Small businesses from Philadelphia to New York City, are having to close their doors as they are unable to open during harsh winter conditions,” explains Joe Womack, President of CapRock Services. “When guests aren’t coming through your doors and buying your products and services, the business suffers, and bills add up. So many small businesses are in need of a little help and we are glad we can be there for them!”icestormsign.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox

CapRock Services’ Growth Capital platform makes access to capital simple without having to give up equity in the business. CapRock buys your future sales, at a discount, for a lump sum of working capital today. As the business processes credit card sales going forward, CapRock takes a small percentage of every day’s batch as repayment until the account is paid in full.

To learn how CapRock Services can help your small business, call our CapRock Concierge today – 866.962.4922!

Three S’s

What makes CapRock different from other alternative funding companies? The three S’s set us apart!  Take advantage of our new SNAP pre-qualification process just introduced for 2014 and see why you will want to turn to CapRock Services for all of your future Growth Capital needs. At CapRock Services, “Your Passion, Our Support” will drive the customer experience!

SNAP! As quick as snapping your fingers…Our Swift New Application Process allows for fast and easy offers within hours.

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SPEED – a new streamlined pre-qualification form and process requiring less supporting documents mean conditional offers in 24 hours or, often, less!  This new pre-qualification form can be requested by emailing You can start using it right away!

SERVICE  – The Office of the Concierge gives you unparalleled, boutique style service!  Your personal Concierge is always available for questions, status updates, and service help of any kind. No automated system here – you will always get a friendly, helpful Concierge to personally assist you with any issue.

SIZE  — We are the best source for funding larger than most in the industry can or will advance.  We tailor each deal to the best interest of your merchant with boutique style underwriting. One size advance does not fit all merchants – we understand that certain industries, such as restaurants, hotels, and auto dealers have unique needs for larger advances. We underwrite each submission upon the unique aspects of that merchant

Credit Card Split Funding Advantage

As alternative financing options proliferate, payback in the form of credit card split funding is still the way to go for a variety of reasons. The most compelling are:

• No risk of overdraft

• Payback ebbs and flows with business swings

• It’s the best leverage of future sales for merchants that process cards.

There has recently been much buzz about ACH funding platforms. The buzz seems to ignore the pitfalls of ACH funding:

• There is always a risk of overdraft,

• There are no adjustments for sales swings.

• Funding amounts are limited by stricter underwriting requirements.

It can sometimes be tough to manage all of your once-monthly fixed payments such as rent, vehicles, or suppliers. Stop and imagine adding 22 more such fixed payments. The beauty of credit card repayment is that a few NSF’s will not disqualify funding, and moreover, merchants need not worry about sales slumps as repayment flows with sales volume.


In these crazy, unpredictable times—when playing the stock market is like riding a roller coaster blindfolded – the lending market is tough, especially for restaurants and hospitality.  This in mind, how can businesses find short-term money without giving up equity?  CapRock Services’ Growth Capital program allows growth without giving up equity or putting up collateral.  By factoring future credit card sales, CapRock operates much faster than banks can, and doesn’t have a lengthy or bureaucratic approval process.   With funding as quickly as three to five days, we are the fastest in the industry.   Whether the economy is up or down, we are in the business of creating jobs, helping companies thrive and maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit.